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Fall Heirloom Seed Swap

Have you even bought a packet of tomato seeds and only used a portion of what's there? Are you a seed saver who can't seem to stop collecting seeds and ends up with gallon bags of sunflower seeds? Do you wish you had more flower varieties in your pollinator garden but don't have the budget for more than a few pretty things? Let's swap seeds!

Join the fun as a group of seed enthusiasts share seeds by mail, and beautify each other's landscapes. Each gardener will mail in an envelope containing twenty-five packets of Heirloom garden seeds along with $8 cash to cover shipping/handling. Once I have received all of the seed mail, I will swap your seeds with the other participants, toss in a few extra goodies from my collection, and mail you a whole new mix of things to try next season. 
Why heirloom seeds? My goal for this swap is to help spread botanical diversity in more gardens. By growing heirloom seeds, you can confidently master seed saving and achieve a consistent harvest year after year. The seeds can be ones you've saved from your garden or purchased, but please do not send seeds that are more than two years old. All 25 packets may be the same variety of seeds or an array of different things. All I ask is that each individual packet has enough seeds for your fellow gardeners to have a decent crop. Use your best judgment or ask me if you are unsure. 
Seed Suggestion Amounts
  • tomatoes/peppers/cucumber/squash = 5-15 seeds
  • broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage/kale = 5-15 seeds
  • beans/peas = 5-15 seeds
  • root crops/salad greens = 10-30 seeds
  • onions/leeks = 10-30 seeds
  • flowers/herbs = 10-30 seeds
I am looking for 50 gardeners to join me for the Fall Heirloom Seed Swap. Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and sign-ups will close on Oct 10th. Click here to register.

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