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Creative Seed Storage

Seeds are precious. Give them a good home.

Gardening is a hobby that often grows in stages. It did for me anyway. My first real adventure into gardening started on an apartment balcony and had a mixture of miss-matched containers and an assortment of plants I bought as starts. A few years later, we bought our house in the country, and I moved my garden into a few 4' x 8' raised beds. That year, I bought about half of my veggie starts and grew half from seeds. This year, I didn't buy a single veggie start. My garden was grown entirely from seeds. 
When you garden from seed, you quickly develop a problem. Some might even call it a hoarding addiction. Before I knew it, my modest seed supply that once consisted of about ten different veggie and flower seeds has exceeded one hundred different varieties of plants. Admittedly, I am at the extreme end of gardeners. I am not just a seed buyer; I'm a seed saving enthusiast. So what is the problem I mentioned? It's figuring out how to organize your seeds.
Staying organized is a personal thing, but there are a few key details that make for a suitable seed storage container. I wanted something that would be mobile, modular (in case I need to add more), stay dry, allow for my personalized organizational style, and didn't break the bank. That's when I stumbled upon these portable photo storage cases. I love them so much. I have two. One is dedicated to vegetables and herbs, and the other is full of flower seeds. At the rate I'm going, I might have to add a few more.

Carilyn Mae

Gardening success is all about confidence

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